Friday, October 25, 2013

Hi everyone!
Here is a Sample Professionalism Portfolio Entry.  I've done it here in our blog, but you will complete this task in your YD Portfolio.  Don't know where your portfolio is?  If you have made one already, Google "google sites." Your portfolio should pop up.  If you have not yet made one, go to the text section of the syllabus and follow the link that says "portfolio.

Make sure to have both local and national activities/organizations!


Corinne McKamey's Professional Activity List

Practice Setting:  Youth Experiential (outdoor) education

Professional Activity                                                       Where I found it

Association for Experiential Education                       I have presented/attended this conference
Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education    The web
Outward Bound                                                             I have taken one of their educator courses

Rhode Island Environmental Education Association   A friend told me about it.
Audubon Society of Rhode Island                                I have taken a course here.
Save the Bay                                                                   I know an educator there.

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